Texas District  32

Protecting Democracy, Human Rights, and Civil Liberties

 I am running for the Democratic nomination in Texas District 32 for the office currently held by the Republican Pete Sessions.


There are a lot of important issues.  I am an aerospace engineer and I know a lot about technical issues like man-made global warming, new energy technology, space exploration, and military technology.  I have also thought a lot about human rights, income inequality, and many other issues.  On my website you can download a pdf document that gives my position on many issues. 


However there is a lot of evidence that the United States is becoming a corporate dictatorship.

Preventing the United States from becoming a corporate dictatorship has become the most important issue.  If we can’t do that we aren’t going to make a lot of progress on the other issues.  In fact we are going to have a lot of new problems to deal with.


This situation was triggered by four major events:

  1. The 1976 Republican Supreme Court ruling that “Money is Speech”.
  2. The killing by the Reagan administration of the FCC Fairness Doctrine in 1987.
  3. The 2010 Republican Supreme Court ruling “Citizens United” that made corporations “persons” and unleashed a torrent of corporate money on political campaigns.
  4. The 2016 election of Donald Trump who is doing everything he can to create a corporate dictatorship.

I could see that the first three events and in particular Citizens United was killing democracy for some time.  Donald Trump’s election triggered my decision to run for Congress.  I am running to raise awareness on this issue and to protect our civil liberties and the civil liberties of our children and grandchildren.


After Watergate there was an attempt at political reform.  There are two kinds of political campaigns.  They are political campaigns by candidates and so called advocacy campaigns that are for or against an issue or candidate, but independent of a candidate.  In the Money is Speech ruling the Republican Supreme Court balked at spending limits on advocacy campaigns.  So in effect a person could spend an infinite amount of money on advocacy campaigns.  The Republican Supreme Court simply refused to deal with the fact that this rule causes political corruption.  In 2015 there were news reports that the Koch brothers were going to spend 900 million on advocacy campaigns in 2016.  I don’t think they spend that much, but the point is there was no law stopping them.


The FCC Fairness Doctrine stood for 38 years before it was killed in 1987 by the Reagan Administration.  The doctrine applied to all broadcast media and said that if you gave an editorial on the air the target of that editorial had to be given equal time in an equal time frame to respond.  This did not put a limit on the number of editorials, but did impose a standard of fairness.  In practice there were few editorials and the news reports did not editorialize.  The purpose of the Fairness Doctrine was to prevent the broadcast media from being flooded with political propaganda.  When the Reagan administration killed the doctrine the broadcast media was flooded with political propaganda like Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and conservative talk radio.  There was no longer a boundary between news reports and editorials and broadcast journalism went into a death spiral.


In 2006 there was a backlash against the Republican Party and a Democratic Congress was elected.  In 2008 a Democratic President was elected.  In early 2010 the Republic Supreme Court Justices decided that had to do something to give the Republican Party more of an advantage.  The decided that corporations were “persons” and like real persons able to make unlimited donations in political advocacy campaigns.  This was the “Citizens United” ruling.  Besides corporations being allowed to spend an infinite amount of money on advocacy campaigns contributions could be hidden in non-profits.  The hidden contributions are known as Dark Money.  According to polls 80% of the public opposed Citizens United, but it is the law of the land.


Citizens United has created a shadow government.  If someone runs for office and makes noises like a corporate puppet they are showered with corporate money.  If someone runs for office and does not make noises like a corporate puppet they are opposed with corporate money.


Since Citizens United the Republican Party has swept many elections with corporate money.  We now have a Congress filled with corporate puppets.  The Republican Senate blocked President Obama’s Supreme Court appointment to prevent the overturning of Money is Speech and Citizens United.


With the election of Donald Trump we now have a President that is trying to create a corporate dictatorship.  We have fake science to protect the fossil fuel industry.  We have fake health care so the wealthy are not taxed, the price of medical care increases, and the number of Americans who can afford medical care decreases.  We have fake tax reform to provide a tax cut to the wealthy, to increase the national debt, to make more of our taxes go to pay interest on the national debt, to create a fake austerity so that more money can be taken from programs that actually help ordinary people.


Donald Trump uses fear mongering of Muslims and illegal immigrants to justify a policy state.  Just about everything Trump does punishes the innocent.


Net neutrality means that all internet sources are treated equally.  Net neutrality is what protects freedom of speech on the internet.  Net neutrality is the law of the land.  Trump wants to kill net neutrality and give internet providers the power to censor the internet with fast and slow lanes and block websites.


The Trump Administration has given us more pollution and more destruction of the natural world.


We have A Congress of corporate puppets, a President and five Supreme Court Justices who want a corporate dictatorship. 

We must warn Americans of the corporate dictatorship danger.  We must urge citizens to vote against the candidates with the most corporate money and not for them.


I am not going to get any corporate money.  I am trying to protect our civil liberties and the civil liberties of our children and grandchildren.  In order to do this, I need small donations from many people.



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