Texas District  32

I started this campaign because I believe a better world is possible. Unprecedented challenges require bold leadership to find the right solutions.  I am opposed to the United States of America becoming a corporate dictatorship.  I want to improve the human and animal condition and I believe we have the right to use the government to do it.

Protecting Democracy, Human Rights, and Civil Liberties

Over the years there have been many acts of aggression by Republican politicians against democracy, human rights, and civil liberties.  If you don’t punish aggression you just get more aggression.  We need to punish these acts of aggression.


The worst of these acts of aggression have come from Republican Supreme Court Justices.  They declared that “Money is Speech” in 1976.  In the 2010 “Citizens United” decision they declared corporations are persons entitled to give unlimited amounts of money to political advocacy campaigns.  In the 2014 “McCutcheon” decision they raised the amount an individual can donate to political campaigns in an election cycle from $129,000 to 5.9 million.  The amount of money that the corporations and very wealthy can contribute to campaigns is virtually unlimited.  Beginning in 2010 Republicans have won an enormous amount of elections based solely on “Citizens United” money.


The purpose of freedom of speech is to give everyone the right to be heard.  The purpose of freedom of speech is not to allow the wealthy to control the government.  The constitution needs to be amended to say money is not speech, corporations are not persons, corporations do not have the right to contribute to political campaigns, and the wealthy do not have the right to control the government.


The purpose of these Republican Supreme Court decisions is to turn our democracy into a corporate dictatorship.  Trying to turn a democracy into a dictatorship is an act of treason. 


Pete Sessions is the current Republican incumbent.  Unfortunately he ran unopposed in 2016.  But Hilary Clinton carried his district, so he is vulnerable.  Pete Sessions is for all practical purposes a corporate puppet.

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